Aspen Hills Lot 1174 Badger Creek Circle                          $9500

       Aspen Hills Lot 1173 Badger Creek Circle                          $9500

       Aspen Hills Lot 752 Aspen Loop                                      $8000

       Aspen Hills Lot 476 Silvercreek Drive                              $9000

       Indian Ridge Lot O15 Deer Hollow                                  $9100

       Indian Ridge Lot F20 Cherokee Bend                             $9100



       Aspen Hills Lot 414 North Fork Road                                $7000

       Aspen Hills Lot 1176 Badger Way                                      $9500

       Aspen Hills Lot 1086 Shadow Way                                  $8000

       Aspen Hills Lot 1019 North Fork Road                             $7000

 The name says it all.  Land Under Ten Grand is Cheap Land For Sale and Cheap Recreational Lots For Sale in  Sanpete County Utah.  These lots are all priced under $10,000 and many have financing available.  Some of  these lots aren’t in the best location, may not have much vegetation or smaller trees on them, may be steeper and more difficult  to access, or may simply be priced lower because the seller is motivated to sell.  

       Aspen Hills Lot 753 Aspen Loop                                      $8000

       Aspen Hills Lot 245 Canyon Creek Drive                          $9000



       Aspen Hills Lot 1175 Badger Creek Circle                          $9500

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